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EU Tax Centre: VAT registrations and returns

Our EU Tax Centre supports you with the complexities of VAT law in the EU. If you’re importing goods into Europe from a non-EU country you may need to register for VAT in at least one EU country as a non-resident business.

Typical instances where a non-resident business is required to register for a local VAT number in the EU include:

  • buying and selling goods in an EU country
  • importing goods into an EU country
  • Holding goods in warehouses or on consignment stock for customers
  • Holding a conference, exhibition or training with paid entrance
  • Selling goods to consumers over the internet

EU VAT registrations

Our VAT Registrations team can assist you with submitting your local VAT registration form in all EU countries, along with supporting documentation. This will often be in the local language. Typically you are required to provide proof of VAT or tax registration in your country of domiciliation, a copy of the certificate of incorporation, articles of association, an extract of your national company registrar. Once we file your application, it typically takes 4-6 weeks to receive a VAT number. We can also assist you with your VAT returns.


Article 23 license: VAT and Duty deferment

Are you selling goods all over Europe and moving goods across national borders within the EU? Then we can assist you with obtaining an article 23 license in the Netherlands. Import duties and import VAT are normally immediately due upon importing goods into the EU from a non-EU country. By obtaining an import VAT deferment license or article 23 license in the Netherlands, the Dutch import VAT due is reported in the Dutch VAT return, instead of being paid immediately on individual consignments at the point of import. If your business meets all the requirements, no VAT is due on balance, as the import VAT due is reclaimed in the same VAT return. This is beneficial to your cashflow. From the Netherlands you can move your goods further across Europe zero-rated. This also requires you to appoint a Fiscal Representative in the Netherlands. Our VAT & Customs Advisory team can help you obtain an article 23 license, file your VAT Returns, and act as your Fiscal Representative.

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